Long term care protects against stays in a nursing home stay, which can cost upwards of $80k per year. 

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 seniors will need some form of home care in their lifetime.

Many assume that Medicare will cover the cost of a stay in a nursing home, but there are many costs associated that are not covered.

Long term care insurance can protect against the ruinous financial damage that can results from an unexpected and long term nursing home stay.

Issues With Long Term Care for Seniors

The problem with long term care is that waiting until you are of senior age to purchase a plan makes it very difficult to clear the strict underwriting required to get accepted.

Even seniors who appear healthy are rejected due to medications they are taking, past health history, and other reasons.  Most long term care plans these days are written for people between the ages of 45-64, so looking at other options for care may make sense.

Alternatives to Long Term Care

True Freedom Premier Plans from American Senior Services Incorporated are a viable alternative to long term care insurance.

True Freedom membership includes access to home care hours that can be utilized when you need them.

The plans feature no underwriting, no claim forms, no deductibles and no age limits.

True Freedom Plans are available and identical in all 50 states. Clients select from 4 hourly packages containing the amount of hours they prefer. When service is required, the member calls a toll free number to the customer care center, who coordinates care and pays the bills.

Think of it is a home care concierge service. Since it is a membership, there are no health triggers, no claim forms, and no paperwork.

Things like dressing, bathing, hygiene, meal planning and preparation, shopping, light cleaning and medication reminders are all covered under the plan.

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